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State-of-the-art Facilities

With decades of experience in film and video postproduction services, Prasad Group is an end to end service provider starting from Outdoor Equipment Services to Digtial Cinemas Services and beyond. It will be our endeavor to ensure that students get to learn and receive hands-on working experience in all our facilities as they desire.

At the Academy, students get to work with high end Digital Cameras, Fine lenses, Lights, Sound Equipment, Editing Suites and other State-of-theart facilities providing them with the wherewithal to enter the professional world.

A significant highlight of the academy is that the students will be learning in a busy and working environment. They will have access to interact, in a structured manner, with various film technicians and creative artistes who visit our facilities. This will inspire the students and allow them to show their own works and discuss ways of making them better.