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30March 2018

Reframing the Future of Film


Film Heritage Foundation presented ‘Reframing the Future of Film 4, an event headed by celebrated visual artist Tacita Dean and acclaimed filmmaker Christopher Nolan, was held in Mumbai on March 30, 31 & April 1, 2018. Through the event, Nolan and Dean had explored the importance and differences of shooting on film and why it is essential to keep it available as a medium for future generations. They had also focused on preserving on film and seeing films projected on film as an essential part of our visual experience and history. They questioned how can any cultural heritage can remain intelligible when handed down to future generations without attention to its medium? And finally they discussed the necessity of determining new archival and exhibition standards that will secure film’s future and explained why the debate around film needs to change. Mr.Sai Prasad, Director of L.V.Prasad Film and Tv Academy was one of the participants in the Conference.

26March 2018

Nuts & Bolts of Editing


A 2 days master class in editing was conducted on 26th and 27th of March with national awardwinning Film editor Mr. Lenin for editing students. His 2 days sessions have made students realize that an editor’s job is not to merely cut and paste where film editor is also a performer and requires some basic knowledge of sound and music. Exposure to sound, rhythm, camera framing and dance will help him employ effective techniques like rhythmic cuts. Students enjoyed his 2 days session with full strength.

23March 2018

12 years of Wild Framing


L.V.Prasad Film & TV Academy has organized an interactive session on 23rd March with wildlife Filmmaker Mr. Nallamuthu who had spent a decade in a forest for making the documentary on Tiger. Nallamuthu’s fascination for beautiful visuals and his compassion for wildlife have resulted in him spending most of his time in the forests in India searching for unique characters in wildlife and make stories out of it. Students learned nuances of making wildlife documentaries and how to choose subjects for wildlife. An unique experience for editing students was how he had brought down 300 hours of footage to a one-hour documentary.

8March 2018

One day workshop with Kalairani on Handling Actors


For the first year Direction and Camera students before they go for their “dialogue exercise”, a workshop on Handling Actors was arranged on 8th March 2018. Ms.Kalairani, well known character actor in Tamil mainstream movies, an alumnus of Film and Television Institute of Tamilnadu and a member of Koothu Pattari handled this workshop. First half of workshop she gave a masterclass on how to handle actors, in the second half she made students to handle different small scenes for a given situation.