9th Convocation Day

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A day of celebration and accomplishment

On the 10th Year Anniversary of L.V.Prasad Film & TV Academy, Mr.S.S.Rajamouli was the Chief Guest at the Convocation Day which was held on 22nd August 2015 at Prasad Film Labs Preview Theater, Chennai. Mr.Gautham Vasudev Menon was the Guest of Honor at this function. The function started at 4 pm to a packed house.

Thirty seven students received their Diploma Certificates from Mr.Rajamouli and Mr.Gautham Menon. Mr.Rajamouli in his address to the students mentioned about his early days wherein a show of confidence made him a leader. He shared his experiences as a film maker with the assembled students. Later he addressed an interactive session with the students where he enthusiastically answered all their questions with a blend of humor and seriousness. Mr.Gautham Menon and Mr.Rajamouli had a lively interaction between themselves where both displayed their admiration for each other.

As part of their graduation process the students are required to make short films as teams and this year’s films that won the awards are:

  • Gold - Samragni for 'Chori'
  • Silver - Shrunkar Dadarkar for 'Aara'
  • Bronze - Aravind for 'Broken Image'
  • Consolation - Rohit Rajendra Mokashi for 'Telephone'
  • Gold - Jithin Stanislaus for 'Telephone'
  • Silver - Priyank Sharma for 'Aara'
  • Bronze - Magesh for 'Thalaivan Irukkiraan'
  • Consolation - Pragalathan for 'Broken Image'
  • Gold - Surya Prakash for 'Chori'
  • Silver - Ravikumar for 'Broken Image'
  • Bronze - Thejasvi for 'Aara'
  • Consolation - Keshav Rajendran for 'Naadagame ulagam'
Sound Design
  • Gold - Gokul Krishnan for 'Broken Image'
  • Silver - Karthick Raja for 'Aara'
  • Bronze - Thejasvi for 'Thalaivan Irukkiraan'
  • Consolation - Alisha Gopiraj for 'Telephone'