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Two Years Post Graduate Diploma in Cinematography

The world of Images is going to see a totally new dimension in the coming years and students of this course will be at the cutting edge to welcome and practice in the new arena of digital and analog imaging.


Cinematography students will be guided to achieve competence in lighting and handling high-end Digital Motion Picture Cameras with aesthetic and technical inputs that are necessary to tell a story photographically. They will be trained in the nuances of lighting up a typical film / television shooting floor that will provide practical knowledge of balancing lighting ratios from multiple points of view on a constructed set. The outdoor exercises will provide inputs on location lighting practices. Although they specialize in Cinematography, the emphasis on the aesthetics of the narrative will continue to predominate.

In developing an understanding of how to control colour the students will learn the nuances of colour reproduction in both analog and digital environments. In the process they will become more familiar with image manipulation, color grading and post production facilities in the lab.

The course will cover several areas including Film Production, Advanced Technological Developments, Producing and Production Management, Scriptwriting, Study of Filmmakers and Genres, History of the Visual Arts, Music Appreciation, Cinematography, various Practical Excerises, Films, Music Video and will culminate in the Graduation Film.

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